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  • Purchasing your unique SSL certificate is quite easy. All you have to perform is fill out the submission form with your Control Panel. You won’t need to have an account along with a third party supplier, you don’t have to waste your time waiting for days for your SSL to become ready.

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Install

  • On the condition that a domain name is hosted in an account with Create 123 Free Website Online, you’re able to decide to have your new SSL certificate instantly installed. Our intelligent system can process all the labor and you won’t need to make typical setups.

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  • 24x7 Support

  • Our 24x7 support staff is always on duty, willing to assist you. Should you have queries about your current SSL certificate, or possibly need help configuring it for your web site, we are here to be of assistance. And we also offer an average response time of well under 20 minutes.

SSL Prices

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SSL 1 year 2 years
Regular SSL $19.00 $38.00
Wildcard SSL $109.00 $218.00

SSL Certificates with Create 123 Free Website Online

If you’re looking to immediately have an SSL certificate for your personal site, now you’re at the right place. From Create 123 Free Website Online, you can buy your spanking new SSL certificate straight from your own hosting control panel, not having to search for a third party provider. If your main web site is hosted within the same account, additionally, you can have your SSL certificate installed automatically. Not any hands–on installation or configuration are required on your part.

We have an established collaboration with several from the finest SSL Certificate providers these days to be able to present you with SSL Certificates which are not merely uncomplicated to set up, but, additionally actually secure. Each of our SSL Certificates provides an authentic 2048–bit encryption and, furthermore comes with a $10 000 USD guarantee.

Aside from the common SSL Certificates, at Create 123 Free Website Online in addition, we feature Wildcard SSL Certificates. They’re quite functional in order for you to safeguard lots of host names simultaneously. When using a Wildcard SSL certificate, you’re able to protect quite a few hostnames, not having to find one certificate for every of them.

You will get an SSL certificate with all of the web hosting services we offer – cloud hosting packages, VPS hosting, semi-dedicated hosting, and dedicated servers hosting packages.

Whois Privacy Protection

Guard your personal WHOIS data

According to regulations adopted by ICANN, the WHOIS info pertaining to your domain is publicly revealed and your personal or corporate info can be seen on the Internet by anyone. To help you conceal your domain name registration info from the general public, Create 123 Free Website Online offers you a WHOIS protection feature at a fantastic price. Within the Domain Manager, just indicate the domain that you want to protect and click on the Whois Privacy Protection button on the right to request the activation of this feature.

You have to take into account that this particular service is available only with these domain names: .info, .biz, .co, .co.za, .me, .tv, .pro, .cc, .net, .we.bs, .com and .org.

Whois Privacy Protection

24/7 Support Service

A support team is constantly here to help

Having a trustworthy client service staff capable to assist you with any problem that you might have is essential to developing a trustworthy relationship with our clients. Create 123 Free Website Online offers a 24/7 technical support service with each of our cloud hosting packages. Our technicians have been in the hosting sector for years and are capable enough to assist you with any problem.

On top of that, we offer a 60–minute response time guarantee. As a matter of fact, our tech support staff members typically answer within just twenty minutes!

24/7 Support Service

Quick Scalability

Switch your cloud hosting plan with only a click of the mouse

If you have only a domain name with us, but you also want to transfer your website(s) to our hosting platform, you can just upgrade to any of our cloud hosting plans. Simply go to the Upgrade Plan section of the Domain Control Panel and pick the plan that you desire to move to. We will then activate all the available web hosting features for you and you will be able to make full use of all the website installation and administration tools that are incorporated into the Control Panel.

All our cloud hosting packages offer a drag & drop File Manager, webmail access, the option to create multiple MySQL databases and to examine in–depth site traffic statistics, and even more, so all you’ll need to consider is the amount of resources that you require for your web sites.

Quick Scalability

Domain Name Locking

Block your domain from becoming relocated

With the Registrar Lock option enabled, you can rest assured that your domain name is defended from online robbery. Any person who attempts an unsolicited domain name transfer will be immediately blocked and the domain name transfer request – rejected.

If, at a certain point, you decide to transfer your domain name to a different domain registrar, you will be able to unlock it with a single click of the mouse. You’ll find the domain locking/unlocking feature in the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel.

Domain Name Locking

Wildcard Domains

Switch on wildcard domains with only a click of the mouse

With the Wildcard feature available in the Domain Manager, you can make all the hosts that you’ve got under a specific domain name load the home page of your web site.

This feature can be truly useful when you need to use a multi–site application on your web site, or when you need a particular sub–domain to forward to the main page of your website.

You will be able to add a wildcard domain with merely a mouse click through the Control Panel–integrated Domain Manager interface. You just have to press the Add Host button located on the right and you will notice the Wildcard option at the bottom of the dialogue box.

Wildcard Domains

Domain Redirection

Forward your websites to any other host on the net

With our domain name forwarding tool, you’ll be able to point a domain or a sub–domain in your account to any website at all. Our tool offers a user–friendly interface, which permits you to redirect the (sub)domain names that you want with merely a few clicks of the mouse. Hence, you will not have to deal with sophisticated .htaccess file modifications.

In order to redirect a domain name, just indicate the destination path it should follow and our intelligent tool will perform the rest for you and will instantly point the domain to the desired location.

Domain Redirection

Bulk Domain Registration Options

Rapidly register many different domains

If you’re establishing an online brand, you simply can’t rely on one domain. In order to create strong brand recognition as well as to forestall any online identity theft, you will need to register several domains at once – my–brand.com, my–brand.net, etc. Inside the web hosting Control Panel you can find a clever solution to this problem – our bulk domain name registration tool.

You can register multiple domain names simultaneously and even submit different WHOIS information for each one of them.

Bulk Domain Registration Options

Video Tutorials

Built in training videos

If you stumble upon any problems using our web hosting Control Panel, our company offers an easy way of solving them – our video tutorials. We’ve gathered a terrific selection of tutorial video presentations that embrace just about everything you can achieve with Create 123 Free Website Online’s Control Panel – from registering a domain name to modifying your PHP settings.

Plus, we’ve got an exhaustive F.A.Q. section, which includes the questions that our client service staff is asked the most. What’s more, you can always contact our 24/7 tech support staff and have one of our highly trained technicians explore your case.

Video Tutorials
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